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Bob Hennessy


Harmonica - My Instrument

Every time I play for a group, inevitably, guests come to me with wonderful stories of their past experiences with family members, their friends and the Harmonica.

The Harmonica has a very long and world wide history. People also refer to it as the Mississippi Sax, the Tin Sandwich, the Mouth Organ and Harp. My 35 years of performance history with the instrument allows me to play many styles and musical pieces. From it’s 1821 inception right up to the music of today your audience will experience a wide variety of songs that they know and love.

This instrument has been a friend to me for many years. Taking me places I would never have gone without its introduction. What has meant the most to me, all these years, is the joy and happiness it brings to those that listen. Restaurant and Health Support Musician.

These links will bring you to my music.

The World of Harmonica - for Libraries and Schools

Harmonica Concerts - Live, Seasonally Themed Music

Breathe Easy - for Assisted Living and Music For Shut-Ins

Harp Trax- for Clubs and Restaurants

The Paper Boys - Acoustic Blues based Originals

Oakland - Hennessy - Intuitive Jazz and Pop jams

Willy and Wailin' - Acoustic Happy Hour Duo

My Youtube Channel - for Originals and Work with other Artists

For Arts Sake television appearance. Sea & Sun Productions LLC

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