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The Lily Pad Effect and How to Make It Work for You


The effect of living these personnel improvement tenants produce a kind of well-being that attracts positive attention. And that effect creates a comfortability with people that encounter you. This helps remove negative questions about you and builds other people’s confidence in your acceptability.

The natural progression of this creates the Lily Pad Effect. The ability to be helped through life as a frog progresses through the pond pad to pad to pad.

Adults and Teens

New Milford Library Comment

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Stories of Life, Love, Laughter, and Learning.

Aunt Jenny used to say, “you kids are a bunch of wild Indians”. And we were! But we were exposed to a wide variety of influences from clergy to musicians, rich people and paupers and races and nationalities as varied as there are countries. That, I believe, instilled in us a great respect and a feeling of empathy for those around us. This became the impetus for the creation of the stories I wish to share with you.

Story Time Ages 6 to 60


Billy and Bobby Full Story Live
00:00 / 08:55
Fox Chase Live
00:00 / 05:12
What's My Name
00:00 / 03:59
Buick Cigaret Lighter
00:00 / 05:40
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The World of Harmonica

"The World of Harmonica" program is an effort to expand the awareness of the instrument. Using Story Telling, Historical Facts and playing the instrument in many styles Bob Hennessy tells the story and plays the music that will open your ears and minds to "The World of Harmonica". The program includes a Power Point presentation as well.

His fast-paced program is both entertaining and educational.

The all-ages show will delight and perhaps even move you to try the instrument once again!



It was obvious from our members response to you and your presentation that it hit the mark.  I was pleased to hear several personal accounts of how the harmonica was a focus for great family memories.

We truly appreciated the slides and background information on the role this small but powerful instrument played in the development of our country.

The selection of songs, which you played beautifully, added to the impact of the presentation.

We wish you well as you meet other Rotarians.  I know you’ll receive a very positive response from them.

All the best,


Old Saybrook Rotary


Thanks for the great presentation.  It was a truly fun and informative talk.  My instruments were the trumpet and french horn, second chair, South High School, S.L.C., Utah---neither of which I was ever able to carry around in my pocket. It would be nice to have you back, in person, in the future. Be safe and be well. 

Ralph S. Welsh, Editor, The Danbury Rotary Club Spoke.

Bob,  It was such a pleasure to have met you today.  The Harmonica was brought to life to me as I have never seen it presented the way you did!  Definitely, I would like you to come back in December for our Christmas show.  We love you!

Warmest regards


Norwalk Rotary

Bob Hennessy "Talks" are currently available Live or on Zoom.

For additional information please contact him at 860-635-3382


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