The Lily Pad Effect and How to Make It Work for You


The effect of living these personnel improvement tenants produce a kind of well-being that attracts positive attention. And that effect creates a comfortability with people that encounter you. This helps remove negative questions about you and builds other people’s confidence in your acceptability’s.

The natural progression of this creates the Lily Pad Effect. The ability to be helped through life as a frog progresses through the pond pad to pad to pad.

And that’s the Lily Pad Effect. Make it work for you!

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Harmonica Talks


“The Harmonica Talks” – are a series of programs dedicated to inspiring people through personal insight, fostering emotional wellness, personal branding, leadership and happiness.

Lively, insightful and entertaining – Harmonica talks are short, stimulating and pointed. You and your employees get a chance to connect with your purpose and learn something new at the same time. The talks promote a series of thought-provoking questions that help drive personal and business solutions.

Intro Statement

Today you are going to learn a little about Harmonicas and a lot about your possibilities. It’s easier, I think, to correlate abstracts with concrete examples and my experience with the instrument lends it well to this discussion. How did I get here and where am I going?

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The World of Harmonica

"The World of Harmonica" program is an effort to expand the awareness of the instrument. Using Story Telling, Historical Facts and playing the instrument in many styles Bob Hennessy tells the story and plays the music that will open your ears and minds to "The World of Harmonica". The program includes a Power Point presentation as well.

His fast-paced program is both entertaining and educational.

The all-ages show will delight and perhaps even move you to try the instrument once again!

Bob Hennessy "Talks" are currently available on Zoom by appointment.

For additional information please contact him at 860-635-3382