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Breathe Easy - Music and Stories for Senior Living.

Booking now for 2024

Fun 1


I offer over 10 hours of music and stories to perform for your guests divided into 20 different playlists. Music from the 1800’s to the 1970’s including Americana, Swing, Jazz Standards, Popular Hits, Country, Broadway, Rock and Roll, Blues, Sing a Longs, Patriotic, and Disco.

My stories wrap around the songs I play, describing their origins, my personal experience discovering them, and the emotional memories connected to them. Many of the songs I play feature the harmonica. I play Diatonic and Chromatic versions of the instrument. This also gives me an opportunity to speak about its history, how it works and my love of the Harp, Mississippi Sax, and Tin Sandwich. I often get the chance to share memories with the audience about their experiences with the Harmonica.


Fun 1 is a name of one of my playlists. It’s everything you need to know about my performances. Listen to a few samples and let me know if what I offer is appropriate for your people. Thank you.

I am fully vaccinated and can be contacted by phone or email to discuss availability and pricing.
Bob Hennessy Health Support Musician


List of participating facilities.


Apple Rehab

Autumn Lake

Avery Heights

Benchmark at Hamden

Crosby Commons


Elim Park

Farmington Station

Grove Manor

Hancock - Filosa

Harbor Chase


New London Rehab

Peregrine Hamilton Heights

Residence at Ferry Park

Residence at Summer St.

Saybrook at Haddam

Southmayd Home

The McAuley

Thirwood Place


Village at Kensington

Village at Mariners Point

Village at South Farms

Village at East Farms

Watermark at East Hill

Performance Samples

Ring of Fire
00:00 / 03:10
Don't Be Cruel
00:00 / 01:01
Saints - Sweet Georgia Brown
00:00 / 01:16
Obla Di
00:00 / 00:37
Fly Me to the Moon BLH
00:00 / 02:26
Sixteen Tons BLH
00:00 / 01:41
God Bless America
00:00 / 00:42
Mack the Knife BLH
00:00 / 01:44
Twist 2
00:00 / 01:50
Bye Bye Blaclkbird BLH
00:00 / 01:28
Hey Good Lookin BLH
00:00 / 01:14
All Shook Up BLH
00:00 / 01:11
King of the Road BLH
00:00 / 01:13
Blueberry Hill BLH
00:00 / 00:55
The Entertainer BLH
00:00 / 01:05
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