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The Paperboys

The Paperboys Story


Many years ago, in a land far away,

two boys met. One was new to town and the other was the local paperboy. Everyday the paperboy made his rounds and signed up the new family for delivery. As time went on the paperboy decided to give up his route and the eldest son of the new family took it over.


Years past and the paperboy became a musician, as did one of the boys in the family that took over the route. Soon they found themselves having a great time playing together in a band. But things changed and the two paperboys spent many years apart doing different things in different places.


Then one day they began running into each other and discovered that the gift of music they had shared long ago was still alive. But now it was very different. The music they played together was very free and unbound. It was music on the edge. It was as fresh as the morning news. It was alive and very real. That is the music of “The Paperboys”!

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